Daisy (Emma) Webb

3 Reasons Why Getting A Puppy Is Good For Your Business…

When I met my husband Jeff 17 years ago, he was a self-professed ‘anti-dog’ person.

I know, I should have read those warning signs a bit better but I just thought he wasn’t a big fan. I didn’t know he really didn’t enjoy having dogs around- at all!

While he did have a family cat growing up, a dog was never a member of his family.

He was never a super negative person toward animals, he just didn’t want any to live at our house.

But you know kids…when our youngest son was about 3, that’s when it all started. Both of our boys tried to nicely convince us, they pretended they were bringing one home anyway and of course, they constantly begged us to get a puppy.

See, Scooter- my childhood maltese/poodle- was an important part of our lives growing up. He was my Dad’s running buddy and since I was the youngest by 8 years of 5 children, Scooter kept me company a lot of the time. I was definitely a dog person while Jeff remained set on never having a family pet.

After the asking for a puppy became relentless and the irritation finally became too much, Jeff (sort of) caved and we bought Coco-a maltese/poodle x whom the boys loved dearly for 8 short months.

Now, I know the judgys are going to judge us on this one but we were unable to provide the best care for Coco as Jeff and I were both working full time. We were naive to the amount of time dogs actually required to be cared for well and our circumstances moved us to Alberta. Sadly we couldn’t keep Coco. Thankfully, however, good friends of my in-laws took her and she is now a happy and spoiled pup (and the boys still get to see her once-in-a-while).

Fast forward to last August, Luke was now 8 and Braden (our oldest) 15.

Coco had forever left a hole in their hearts and they talked about her often. Again the persistent asking and attempts of puppy persuasion had come to a head. We were getting another puppy. This time, quite a few years later, Jeff was (slightly) more open to the idea…but he insisted he would have little to no part in her care.

The boys and I were sold! We picked up Daisy and brought her home. The tiny Morkie puppy was just a couple of pounds and when we got her in the door, something changed in Jeff. He got sucked in.

Even though Jeff is pained to admit it, he’s her person and he even argued what her name would be so we gave him his choice of ‘Emma’ for her middle name ;)

While the experts don’t lie and you literally get zero sleep and are exhausted beyond measure for the first 6 months, Daisy is now 8 months old and is an adored (by all!) Webb family member.

So, that brings me to why getting a puppy has been good for business:

1- Having a puppy helps promote a higher tolerance level…And this trait translates to handling stressful work situations better.

We all know puppies need a LOT of care and attention. In the last few months, Jeff has tended to her night time wake-ups and even takes her on walks…in her sparkly sequins jacket!

2-Having a puppy creates more genuine happiness…And a happier leader makes for both a happier household and a happier business environment.

It could be because Daisy is funny and can be such an idiot that he is actually laughing at her but I think overall he is genuinely entertained by her and…sssshhhhhhh maybe even likes her.

3- Regardless of how crappy a day is…It always ends well.

After 17 years together and 15 years married, I still make an intentional effort to show that I am happy and grateful to see Jeff. But, even if no human is home to greet him, Daisy wins the super-excited-like-you-were-away-for-6 months award every single time his truck pulls up…and that has to make anyone feel good! Thus, this ridiculous (and super cute) display of affection resets the tone of the day and he is able to take on the evening duties that often consist of quoting jobs, other business housekeeping and of course, being a father and husband.

From experience, getting a puppy is not a decision to take flippantly. It is a life-long committment. You are dedicating your life to a little ball of fur that will inevitably bring you many smiles, many hours of sleep lost and many dollars spent on new pairs of shoes BUT, trust me, it’s worth it for you and your business.


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