The Really Special Ones

But I’ll throw it out there and say that few have or have had a ‘Stac’ in their lives.

Stacey — Stace, Stac, Aunty Stac, Cee Cee, Stak Naks…and

Stacey Lynn to her Mom.

We’ve been friends since before whatever age we were in the picture and since she used…

Being Consistent With Whatever

Doing something because you decided to do it, to follow through with it until the end — regardless of circumstance — is what the last 365 days has brought to my life.

I’ve previously had a bit of experience with consistency in action.

Training and competing in a bodybuilding figure…

Gotta Have ’Em, Gotta Love ‘Em

And unless you’re stuck under a rock somewhere, if you have any social media accounts whatsoever, you know that today is International Women’s Day.

I love seeing all the Facebooks posts — some hilarious, loud and amazing, others emotion-filled and quietly beautiful.

There isn’t anything new I can bring to…

Finally Found Our Favs

They’re an important part of the Webb household so I feel they deserve the spotlight tonight.

Most North American parents would agree that ketchup is a must in any household with kids in it. Mayo and mustard too. Then there’s probably at least one variation of hot sauce, a BBQ…

Ding Dong Daisy

This is Daisy until she realizes she’s actually awake…then it’s game on.

We hear of people having ‘morning routines’ but does your dog have one?Daisy does. And it’s next level cute…but also totally annoying.

She sleeps between Jeff and I at night in a donut shape.

Occasionally, she will snap/rabid-bark…

Phantom Sensations

Well, better late than never to get this done…3:10 am and ya, I’m calling it Friday night still.

Side note…what a cool thing it is to be able to partner with friends, share their stories and have a way to give back in a bigger way.

Again, thank you to…

The At-Home Momfit

…is what I often wear to drive the boys to school and what my profile for online meetings look like.

I’d say that’s a fairly typical work-from-home ‘Momfit’ — but it may just be me.

Sometimes I go sans jacket around the house but usually it stays on as the…

Migrating And Making Nests

Today, I’m talking about birds. And not just any birds…birds of prey.

Eagles have been one of my favourite animals since forever. They symbolize strength, power, courage, focus and guidance. Eagles are at the top of their food chain with the largest recorded wingspan of 9 feet, 4 inches. …

Blessings & Favour

Like the sun on my face as I write this and the amazing horizon in the stock pic on this blog, each day there can be beauty from any amount of ashes.

There are various people that take credit for the famous quote that says, ‘What you focus on grows’…or…

The Beat Of Life

15 or 30 minutes a day, even if I had friends over, I had to sit and practice my chords, songs and drills so I could be ready for my next lesson.

Though I didn’t enjoy it then, throughout the years I have understood why learning music is such a…

Becky Boughton

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