‘A Few Number One’s’

‘A Few Number Ones’

Today a little package arrived in my mailbox.

I had ordered a pair of earrings a few weeks back and was so excited to now try them on.

A girlfriend I went to school with and have known since I was like five, lives in the Yukon, has an incredible sense of humour and is one of my favourite humans even though we rarely see each other in real life.

She’s handy. She’s always creating stuff, building things and sharing it with her friends.

She’s one of those rare finds, ya’ know?

…One of those people whom no one can possibly dislike, is always happy, always has some cool project on the go, does her own thing and totally rocks life…period.

Recently she started a jewelry company made from upcycled/recycled items.

The earrings I purchased that I got in the mail today are twisted recycled copper with some beadwork. They are made with love, handcrafted and unique.

So, for this blog I wanted to quickly highlight a few (more) of my favourite (ahem…female-owned) artisan-style businesses:

* Renovation Jewelry — Shannon M.

* Bear All Body Care — Vicki K.

* Temple Adornment — Dana G

* Raven Zeller Art — Raven Z.

* Our Footprints Co. — Jennifer N.

* Lan & Co. — Lanis. K

* Zimonick Designs — Cindy B.

* Essential Earth Holistic Health — Teri-Dawn M.

* Cakes — Shauna S.

* Cupcakes By Rose Promise — Rose Promise H.

Surely I’ve missed other incredible companies and for that I apologize. It’s 11pm and the brain is finished working for the day.

Please — if you have more to add, definitely feel free to comment them below! :)

Much love and be sure to check out these amazing gals (and the other ones out there!) doing their thang,


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