‘A Rainbow Sprinkles Cupcake Day’

Just You and Me Man…And Daisy

Luke went skiing yesterday and had a lot of fun.

He’s been going up to the hill here and there and taking off to do runs with just another friend his age.

That whole thing and situations like it are new steps in the growing up process for him…being stuff more independently. As a mother, rearing a son who is has heart issues on top of being a ‘do first, learn later’ kind of guy, letting go of injury or tree well worries and fully trusting that he will spread his wings safely and wisely, has been a big step.

Unlike his older Brother, Luke generally tends to learn about life the more colourful way…like his mother.

But growth (and enjoyment of life on his own terms) is happening. And it’s a very good thing.

Yesterday though, Luke had a rough tumble (which is never at all surprising) and is sore in a few areas today. So he stayed home to ‘chill’.

Chill doesn’t mean the same thing to moms as it does to kids though I don’t think.

Currently, we are making rainbow icing to top our rainbow-sprinkle cupcakes and I’m trying to thoroughly embrace the moments while the extra long, never-ending to-do list sits on the counter…mostly undone.

It’s a beautiful warm day and you fan feel and smell spring is around the next corner. We’ll take Daisy out for a walk shortly to get some fresh air and sunshine.

Happy Monday all, we’ll be over here enjoying those rainbow cupcakes.

-Becky (& Luke)

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