‘Ah Coffee’

Besides being one of the most popular beverages in the world for its caffiene-filled energy boosting properties, coffee offers some nutritional benefits as well.

It can help you burn fat, it contains some vitamin Bs and it may even make you smarter!

Learn more here: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/top-13-evidence-based-health-benefits-of-coffee#TOC_TITLE_HDR_2

I’m sure similar to many households, we’ve had a few variations of coffee makers, coffee flavours and types of coffee beans in our cupboard over the years.

When it was all the craze, we had a Keurig. We’ve had and still have a traditional countertop coffee maker, I’ve accidentally shattered a few glass french presses and we also now have a Nespresso machine that we got from redeeming some RBC Visa Reward points a while ago.

After trying to ‘get it right’ for years — cost vs. environment vs. favourite coffee vs. time, vs. overall enjoyment — I’ve settled on a daily cup of jo that works in favour of all the factors mentioned.

I can’t speak for Jeff (though I do know he prefers a somewhat fancy version double Americano with lots of foam), it’s hard to beat a cup of freshly ground Saltspring WEST COAST dark roast. It’s organic and fair trade and even though it’s a dark one, it’s really smooth with notes of chocolate.

The Nespresso is nice to have once-in-a-while but the cost is higher obviously. I like the foam on top and I get to be lazy and press a button instead of rinsing the pot, filling the water, grinding the beans and changing out the filter.

Though I can’t pinpoint why, there’s just something a tiny bit annoying about having to prep the coffee pot for the morning.

Anyhoo, what are your favourite beans to suggest? Have any good local ones that are on the sweeter, smooth, creamy, caramelly or cocoaish end of things?

Happy start of the week tomorrow!




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Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'


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