‘And Some Days Are Like This’

Jordan slides, no bra (not that I need one anymore), a grocery bag carrying my wallet, keys and phone, a flossing stick in hand, p.j’s still on along with a winter jacket to appear sensical in the car from the waist up…

…is what I often wear to drive the boys to school and what my profile for online meetings look like.

I’d say that’s a fairly typical work-from-home ‘Momfit’ — but it may just be me.

Sometimes I go sans jacket around the house but usually it stays on as the necessity of going in and out of the house happens often to take the garbage out, chase Daisy when she runs across the road or get the mail.

Either way, I’m fine with it. Jeff may not be and if he has a problem with it, he is kind enough to not share and the boys are on drop-off only scenarios so they are off the hook for any embarrassing moments there.

The reality is, if I never had to shower and get ready again I’d be perfectly fine with that. Not the cleaning part…because that’s good…but the effort and time for those things I could definitely do without.

If I have a meeting outside of the house, I obviously put on pants…stretchy ones…though admittedly, the top part and shoes sometimes stay the same and my teeth may or may not get brushed.

Today was one of those days.

Actually, the last 4 have been.

There’s been too much time on the computer that I can’t seem to get away from, necessary time put in the kitchen, organizing and re-organizing taxes, business stuff and life.

But that’s just it…that’s life.

Grateful to be able to get my boys from school even if it feels mundane and rushed most of the time as the 5 hours almost always seem more like 5 minutes.

Spring break starts next Friday already and grade 12 course selection just happened. Easter and May long tend to fly by and to think Braden will technically be graduated from high school by this coming December is a reality I’m not sure has completely settled into my brain (or heart) yet.

So, even with my unbrushed hair, the (if allowing it) chaotic pace of life we all have, lunches that have a high packaged:homemade snack ratio and laundry that never ends, Luke taught me how to play chess tonight and I’m getting my butt outside for a walk even if it’s pitch dark.

I keep telling myself, “You have to get your walk in in the morning or you’ll never do it”. Then a moment later the other part of me thinks… “Ah, you’ll have lots of time later to get it in before night falls”.

It never happens.

Like B being done school before I want to think about it and Luke hitting double digits at the end of the month, I need to remember that time can be a strange thing. Sometimes life calls for some chill and sometimes it’s ok to wear an at-home ‘Momfit’.

Anyone else with me?




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Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

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