‘Apps, Programs & More Apps’

Learning and running a business comes with ups and downs.

It’s important to know enough about all the workings to understand it yet there’s a reason why people outsource and hire their weaknesses.

Programming, integrations, some tech stuff and accounting…my weaknesses.

Tracking my money and recording every penny spent down to the dime put into the parking meter...I do that.

Full understanding of bookkeeping and accounting? I source that out.

Writing any kind of copy, I’m decent at it. Bold face-to-face stuff? Working on it.

Obviously brick and mortar business have some variable needs from E-Commerce and Internet-based ones. Aside from knowing how to operate an email account and a web browser like Chrome or Safari, there’s considerations like best place to buy a domain, most user-friendly social media posting app, best blog platform, best podcast recording app, most efficient team communication tool, how do I actually research my niche and so on.

Here are a few of my favourite tools (that I know about) but do realize there are SO MANY out there and there is always a new one in the works!

If you want to buy a website domain (website .com name etc.):

  • GoDaddy, Namecheap, Domain.com, Clickfunnels if you already use them

If you want to record your screen:

  • Loom, Screenflow, Camtasia

If you want to record a podcast:

  • Buzzsprout, Transistor, Captivate

If you want to automate your Social Media scheduled posts:

  • LATER, Planable, Sprout Social, Hootsuite

If you want to take your words (video interview or whatever) and put it into written text:

  • Temi, Otter, Happyscribe, Rev, Dscript

If you want to get your brand out there, post to whatever of these suit your business:

  • TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Alignable, LinkedIn, Twitter

For whatever it is you want or need to do, there’s a good (and new and better all the time) program for that!

Happy businessing,




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Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'


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