Becky’s Top 10 Ways To Stay Well

As a Mom, wife, business owner and human in these times of uncertainty and heightened emotion, it is imperative to do everything in my control to stay well.

Being a cancer survivor and also having a connective tissue disease, I am diligent of intentionally doing whatever it takes to care for my physical, spiritual and emotional well-being in order to function at my best day in and day out.

Here are the top 10 items and activities I incorporate into my daily routine to optimize my body, mind and spirit: (you will have your own go-to’s and routine, but it’s important to implement something to start your day on the right track)

1- Getting My Mind Right…From The Start!

As soon as we wake up our minds run crazy and start thinking of all the things we have to do or we allow worry to dominate our thoughts. The first thought/question I intentionally think/ask before getting out of bed is what is my purpose today and I ask God to use me in the way that is best for His plan for my life. It’s imperative to mention the key word ’intentionally’ because all people have to choose to do life on’s not easy but it’s simple and necessary, just do it.

2- Fresh Air

I don’t lay around in bed. I get up when I wake and go straight outside on my deck (unless I really have to pee ;) and take a few minutes to do some quick breathing exercises and breath in the fresh air. It gets oxygen running through my body and allows for me to wake up with a bit more energy and feeling rejuvinated.

3- Scripture

While it’s good to have a reading plan and for many a plan may be helpful, I choose not to stress about the ‘hows’ of reading my Bible. There is no ‘right’ way to do it. Getting stressed out about the way someone said to do it or how the most ‘spiritual’ person I know does it has never served me well and completely defeats the purpose in engaging with the One who can lead and help me. The way God works, He always leads me to just the right place to hear what I need to hear. If you don’t know where to start…just ask Him. Sometimes I end up reading an entire book and sometimes I read one passage. It doesn’t matter. What matters most is the choice to put God first in my life and business and the rest works itself out. It just does because His promises never fail. Things may not look like I want them to look like but I know that when I trust and remember the truth that my relationship with Jesus holds is best…even when I don’t understand or when it feels uncomfortable…I save myself a ton of anxiety, frustration and energy…and gain much peace, joy and fulfilment.

4- Apple Cider Vinegar

Overnight our bodies detox and heal. In the morning we need to help the cause by giving it a jump start. I take 1tsp-2Tbsp of organic apple cider vinegar in water (and a bit of organic honey if you prefer) on an empty stomach each morning. It aids in cleansing out my body, increases alkalinity and helps my immune system.

5- Vitamins And Minerals

Daily, but especially when my body is up against the potential of contracting a virus or I feel like I’m are getting sick, taking vitamins A, C, D and K are important in boosting immunity. Incorporating a broad spectrum greens mix, minerals, iodine, colloidal silver, diffusing frankincense, tea tree oil and thieves are all amazing helpers with staving off any illness. The obvious one of eating nutritionally dense food is a must as well. For the record…I am not a doctor and it is always suggested to consult with your health care provider before taking anything new.

6- Breathing Exercises

There are many great apps for this. I use one called Prana Breath. As long as the app has a few different types of cycles where you can breathe in, hold your breath and breathe out in timed intervals, it will do. Find one you like and get breathing :)

7- Daily Movement

Even if I am literally bedridden (and I have been a few times), I make an effort to do some sort of movement. Movement helps with detoxification, strength, overall wellness, mental clarity, lowering stress and it is even proven that a brisk walk on a lunch hour increases productivity. Regardless what physical challenges you are facing, there are ALWAYS ways to incorproate movement into your daily life. You just have to make the decision and act on it…even if it literally walking 3 driveways in length and back to your house again.

8- Tracking My Finances

I know this has nothing to do with the body but it has everything to do with peace and (less) stress. If you don’t know where your money goes, how much comes in or any other financial details, take the time to figure it out and know when and where your money is going. The number one stressor in most people’s lives-married or single-is money. It was for mine for a long time. Do yourself and your family a favour and start tracking your finances today. It doesn’t have to look fancy…a piece of paper will do to start.

9- Water, Water, Water

I drink 3–4L of water every day. The average person needs 3L of water for the body and brain to function properly. If you are physically active, that amount increases. Drinking plain water or herbal tea are good choices.


10- Gratitude

Having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ changes your life. As cliche as that statement is, it is true. There are many things to be thankful for. Once I started making the decision to acknowledge things to be thankful for each day instead of being focused on what is happening in the lives of other people and the fears and worries of everything around me life became much more enjoyable, productive and propserous. People actually want to hang out with me now…because why would anyone want to hang out with someone who is always complaining and negative? I didn’t know I was doing it at the time but I knew I wanted to be more positive. It took work, consistency and intentional choices but it happened!

Until tomorrow, stay well all…