Big And Little-Celebrate.

Today is my husbands birthday.

I made the 4 of us pancakes and sausage for breakfast, we enjoyed the warmer sunnier day on our favourite Battle Bluffs hike and I made his favourite roast dinner.

We’ve been together for 17 years and will be married 15 years this coming December 3.

We all know marriage is pure bliss every moment of the relationship 365 days of the year….which is the premise for Jeff and I having just started liking each other about a year ago.

Married life has been full of things.

It’s been full of hard things, sad things, confusing things, funny things, great things and humbling things. Along the way, we hadn’t always made the effort to celebrate and acknowledge the big things and the little things.

I saw on a friends Instagram that he has been giving his little guy a cupcake with lit candle on it for breakfast here and there to celebrate just because. Isn’t that such a simple and cool idea…especially these days? It reminded me just how important it is to remember how much privilege we have, how blessed we are and that we should celebrate each day for the gift it is.

We are excited to celebrate and sing Jeff Happy Birthday tonight with a slice of local berry pie (which is still in the oven as it seems everything is taking a while to cook today!)and take the time to appreciate, lift up and love the hard worker, the provider, the handy hot husband, the great father and the leader of our home.

So, if you’re in a bit of a positivity or gratefulness rut, the simplest way to get out of it is to celebrate something or celebrate someone…the big and the little. It will benefit your personal relationships, your business relationships and yourself!


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