‘Birds Of Prey-Some Stuff To Consider’

This blog is taking things back to the ‘Some Stuff To Consider’ theme.

Today, I’m talking about birds. And not just any birds…birds of prey.

Eagles have been one of my favourite animals since forever. They symbolize strength, power, courage, focus and guidance. Eagles are at the top of their food chain with the largest recorded wingspan of 9 feet, 4 inches. They are large, mighty and majestic.

There’s just something special about seeing an eagle in action — whether soaring high or swooping down on the river for a fish. A favourite place of mine to visit and see eagles in their glory is Brackendale, B.C., especially in the fall.

Known as ‘The World Eagle Capital”, in 1994 the wintering bald eagle count topped an excess of 3760 birds and has been as low as 411 in 2016. Though the tally has ups and downs, the overall count continues to be on a declining trend.


Is the gradual decrease of the ‘World Eagle Capital’ due to environmental factors, population issues — or otherwise?

Let’s explore this a bit further.

There are many other species of birds of prey; the buzzard, osprey, hawk, falcon, owl, kestrel, kite, condor and vulture to name a few.

Many of these birds are the migratory type and, “bird migration is the regular seasonal movement, often north and south along a flyway, between breeding and wintering grounds. Many species of bird migrate. Migration carries high costs in predation and mortality, including from hunting by humans, and is driven primarily by availability of food.” — wikipedia.org

As noted many times in other blogs- truth, answers and accounts of even the ‘most crazy’ of ideas, sights or happenings, whether in pastime, the present or in future days to come, can be found in the the OG — aka the Bible. Any quote, theory, idea, plan, situation that is occurring in this world today or tomorrow is already accounted for.

The reason I can live without fear about anything…yes, anything…is that everything…yes, everything…has already been written. There are no surprises. The story is already completed, it’s predictable. I may not understand ‘why’ at the time of an event but in the end, I always get to see the bigger picture.

Some events have already happened, some have not.

Through all of them, however, we have the opportunity, authority and responsibility to understand and know what’s going on and of what’s to come. At the same time, and what’s really cool, is that we don’t have to dwell on hard stuff or be anxious about anything and we have the option to live joyfully (and peacefully) through even the most messed up, humanly incomprehensible stuff.

Back to the eagles.

In the book of Ezekiel (in the Old Testament part of the Bible) there is an event that is talked about in chapter 38 & 39. It’s also referenced in other places like in chapters 19 & 20 of the very last book of the New Testament called Revelation. It has to do with birds of prey.

What happens in the chapter is that birds of prey flock to an area in and around the country of Israel and they have a major part of a very prominent event.

Interestingly, Israel — since the recording of the bird’s habits started 3000 years ago — is widely known as the bird migration capital of the world.

“One of the best locations [to see birds of prey migrate] takes place above Israel, owing to its location at the junction of three continents. Bird watchers report seeing some 35 species of birds of prey, including steppe eagles, honey buzzards, lesser spotted eagles and Levant sparrowhawks making their way each season. “(Israel) acts as a funnel for birds pouring out of both Europe and Asia as they move south toward their African wintering grounds,” says Mike Alibone, optics editor for UK Birdwatch magazine.” — fromthegrapevine.com

So, the eagles are steadily declining in their migration to Brackendale (this is just one of many examples), the ‘natural phenomenon’ migration that takes place each spring and fall in Israel is increasing and birds of prey are permanently taking up nests there…which has never in history ever happened.

Even German journalist and photographer Thomas Krumenacker was amazed by the bird migrations he witnessed in Israel. After seeing it, he couldn’t help but write the book on the subject called, ‘Birds In The Holy Land’.

“The book’s photos and accompanying text show why birds’ migration along the length of the country has been termed “the eighth wonder of the world.” In a short period, more than 500 bird species pass overhead, and almost every year a new species not seen before in Israel is observed.”- haaretz.com

Each year, and increasing more than ever, Israel’s nature authorities are recording birds of prey taking up permanent homes there and not just staying for their migratory hangout time.

Again, why?

Ya, there are many probable and scientific answers, but there’s an additional reason and it relates to what is written in Ezekiel and the other scriptures mentioned.

Many will hear it and read it yet not understand so hopefully all who choose to know, will know — Matthew 11:15

And as Hebrews 11:1 notes, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

…birds of prey — some stuff to consider.




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