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‘Birthday Breakfast’

Have Your Cake…And Eat Four Kinds

I’m 40 today so I decided to have a bit of DQ ice cream cake, a slice of Kathy and my Dad’s famous family birthday cake they made me, a mini-donut Braden brought home from work and some cinnamon bun with cream cheese icing I made the other week (my friend Christina’s amazing recipe that I made and froze).

Today was a good day.

I got a lot done that needed to get done which is always a nice feeling, outside was beautifully sunny and crisp, I got presents from people, more cakes and chocolate from my in-laws, fresh flowers and the four of us ended the early evening with dinner at Peter’s Pasta where we waved at/saw friends.

40 is the best year yet…I’m out of the ‘wilderness’! ;)

Regardless of any circumstance that comes my way I now know without any doubt I have the tools and capacity to be peaceful, content, prosperous, joyful, loving, accepting and other things…as much as it depends on me…because #Jesus.

I feel like I’m 20 in spirit but way less cringey, with no beer pounds to carry around, a better skincare routine and I’ll wear a bathing suit now.

In most respects, the 30’s were tough on the ol’ bod and mind.

A decade of surgeries, scars, literally almost zero sleep, another baby (ugh…love them but don’t miss that), times of no money and gathering bottles on the highway to have extra cash, marriage separation…and then grace-filled renewal. There was other hard stuff too but on the flip side, I won some medals, quit drinking, did some things I never thought I would ever accomplish, met some amazing people, took some fun trips and worked with yeast in baking for the first time.

Jeff and I still have loud conversations and I make poor choices for my body like having four cakes for breakfast. I may also not be the best Mother to the boys but they’re stuck with me for now. I have a full head of grey under this brown box dye, there are a few more hairs to tweeze on my face and my hygiene has been known to slip from time to time…but I can sorta blame that one on the ‘Rona.

I’m pumped for this next 40.

I figured last night that I would either go up or out to the ‘Promised Land’ and either would be good with me.

When you’ve faced death a few times and are 150% sure where you’re going (and who has your back), nothing can faze you…absolutely nothing.

Not fear, not uncertainty, not ageing, not disease, not being without, not circumstance, not worrying about my children nor making mistakes can rattle me from this day forward.

Out of the wilderness…eating cake along the way.

Here’s to 40. The best year yet.


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