‘Blog 300…’


This One Is Kinda Meh

300…a milestone number to reach on the daily writing journey of blogging for 365 straight.

While previously I thought I’d come up with something half-interesting, it’s now 10pm and I have more things to do.

As well as back-to-school tomorrow morning, there’s cabbage roll soup to put away into containers, Braden needs to be picked up from work in a bit, wait for the apple pie in the oven and pull it out to cool overnight, make lunches, wash my face, brush my teeth, spend a few minutes with B before bed and write this so it’s going to be kinda ‘meh’.

Not having anything to write about, I’m putting down what comes to mind as my fingers move.

I’ll talk about my day — which really was unremarkable in a sense.

Although…it was so stunningly beautiful and sunny and warm, I got some groceries and made a bunch of food, drove Braden to work, Jeff did a job, Luke played, I got some more L&G business stuff done and Daisy got out for a good walk.

Everyday can be uninteresting for face value yet absolutely amazing if I want it to be…or choose to see (at least one bit of) favour in it.

Now that my soup is cool enough to bottle-up, it’s time to say goodnight and perhaps I’ll be more on the ball for 301 tomorrow.




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