‘Christmas Is Coming’

3 Alternative Gift-Giving Options


First off, the wrapping paper in this photo is amazing.

It looks like it was hand printed or made from recycled paper bags. The rustic and natural feel gives that made-for-you feel. I’m sure there are endless options to printing your own wrapping paper.

Now I know it’s only October 3 but Halloween comes so quickly, then Remembrance Day and then bam! Tree goes up and lights get plugged in.

Sooooo…….here it goes.

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year.

From baking to making crafts, hanging in the snow (if we get any), Jesus’ (not real) birthday, the festive music and buying and figuring out what to give people — it’s simply the best.

In this annual ‘season of giving’, money-saving measures are thought of by many, this year more than ever perhaps.

Though I still haven’t received that Crayola Caddy that’s been on my list for 39 years — as an adult, I could give zero craps about getting a store-bought present on Christmas day. Being someone who loves and appreciates working with their hands, physical labour and creative talents, opening a box filled with fresh baking, canned goods or a pretty ornament can’t be topped in my books!

With those considerations in mind, if you are not one for gift cards (unless, like me, it’s for groceries), here are 3 top alternative gift-giving options that are fun to put together and include that extra touch of love:

  • 1.) Themed Baskets- Any hockey or figure skating parent out there knows about these…and they are a big hit with everyone! Thrift stores and dollar shops have various boxes, baskets and containers to put stuff in as well as inexpensive filler items.

Themed baskets are one of the most economical ways to make a bit of stuff look like that gigantic present the child inside of us has always looked forward to. Useful as well, here are two basket ideas if your brain is stuck on thinking:

- ‘Movie Night’ — include a DVD, Netflix subscription or movie tickets, popcorn, theatre box candy, drinks, a fuzzy throw blanket, socks etc.

-’The Practical’ — Maybe it’s just me but when I receive items I use on the daily and can save money, I’m stoked. In this basket you could include interesting versions of everyday items such as unique fair-trade coffee, natural laundry, bathroom and kitchen soap, bags of organic Bob’s Red Mill products, local honey, fresh fruit etc.

  • 2.) A Box of Baking- Even if you aren’t great in the kitchen, this idea still works. For the bakers…Rice Krispie icing sugar balls dipped in chocolate, homemade peanut butter cups, nuts ’n’ bolts, popcorn balls, graham cracker ‘roca, decorated gingerbread people, candy cane bark and the list goes on and on. For the non-bakers, you can support local craft fairs or people who bake or buy the items. I’m not sure about anyone else but I love the Orange chocolate ball thing, Toblerone bars, those sugary danish cookies in the blue tin and I miss Ovation sticks.
  • 3.) ‘Coupon’ Books- Some people need and value time much more than anything else. Giving someone a ‘gift certificate’ or ‘coupon’ book that includes an hour or two of helping them clean or organize their home, doing a dump run, babysitting their kids, cooking them a meal, buying a week of school lunch stuff or meal prepping can be meaningful beyond measure.

What are your favourite other ways of giving at Christmastime?




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