For dinner tonight I made baked chicken, rice, salad and a crumble for dessert.

Oh, and I also cooked up some garden-fresh beans a friend gave me the other day.

When I checked out their garden, they were growing carrots, kale, swiss chard, raspberries, beets and a host of other things. Among the many rows were the beans. They were purple.

Purple bean? How cool. I loved the vibrant colour.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —

When I was younger Hypercolor shirts were the hot and trendy fooditem to wear.

The novelty fashion tee would change colour with higher temperatures.

When you would get a hug, it would leave handprints and the unwanted effects of armpit sweating/heating would showcase the wearer’s perspiration levels.

Well, when I cooked my beans tonight, I though about those t-shirts. They changed from bright purple to bright green in a matter of seconds. Oh the nostalgia.

I began thinking about it more…shrimp turns from grey to pink and meat turns from red to brown. What other foods are hypercolour foods? Does anyone else have colour-changing beans in their garden?

Enjoy getting entertainment from your food too,


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