A simple joy goes a long way (even more so over the last couple of months).

My girlfriend’s daughter recently launched a business and we wanted to support her so we picked up a half dozen S’mores cupcakes today.

Being our excuse was, um…just another COVID Saturday…that was a good enough reason to grab a few of these treats to celebrate this ordinary day.

Cake of any kind is welcomed around our home. All four of us have a bit of a sweet tooth for all things bread, sugar, candy or cake. With cake and ice cream lingering in a top five spot for us all, convincing the gang that I wanted to ‘support’ my the young entrepreneur wasn’t a hard sell.

I picked up the cupcakes at four o’clock and we dove right in to ‘test’ them before dinner.

I’m a bit of a self-professed cake critic.

At first glance, this is what I noticed: a chocolate cake bottom with a little evenly toasted marshmallow swirl that graced the top. They were cute and fairly straight forward.

I saw the chocolate and the marshmallow and thought maybe there might be a bit of graham cracker somewhere inside but was not expecting the amazing craftsmanship and surprise we experienced.

Grabbing a fork, I dished some vanilla ice cream (cake and ice cream must go together…no exceptions).

I unwrapped the cupcake and, to my surprise, found a beautifully pressed graham cracker bottom, just like a cheesecake would have. It didn’t fall apart and it wasn’t greasy…it was perfect. The dense but not too dense cake part stayed on the fork. Again, it was just the right texture. The marshmallow topping added a touch of extra sweetness and a varied consistency that complemented the crunchiness of the graham bottom and chewy cake body. A few bites in was yet another surprise. A rich fudgy centre was the unexpected yet completely satisfying burst of flavour that ended the series of fun palette extras.

From the texture, to the presentation, to the flavour, to the made-with-love touches and lastly, the multiple unique surprises, these cupcakes topped our list of must-order confections.

During a time of somewhat mundane and challenging times, today’s cupcakes were a great reminder to embrace the small foojoys and revel in all of life’s big (or little) surprises.


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