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‘Creating My First YouTube Channel’

Well, That Was A Learning Curve

Today I had another first, I launched a YouTube channel.

It’s called It All — let’s talk life- with [me] Becky Boughton

It’s geared towards those who already have a personal relationship with Jesus and even if that’s not something you are familiar with, you are obviously still welcome to check it out.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to recognize and test false doctrine with scripture, if you’re searching for practical lived-failure and Bible-based encouragement, wondering what truth is and why it matters or if you are searching for answers on how to thrive…even in the midst of uncertainty, with ‘T.E.S.Ting It All’ I hope to deliver on all of that.

I’m completely uneducated in any formal sense and have never obtained a degree in theology or anything like that. I do, however, have a multitude of certificates in random things and a variety of life experiences to draw from which I’ll share about in the videos.

It’s no secret we are living in very fascinating times.

More than ever, people are looking for answers on how to have peace when the world seems so crazy, they’re grasping at hope when all feels like it could be lost and many are living in fear of many ‘perceived’ unknowns.

Also more than ever, many are searching for the meaning of life.

They are taking in everything that feels good, embracing anything that fits their needs or sounds good enough to justify their desires. They are also looking more and more to the supernatural and spiritual side of things.

The good news is because we have Jesus, we already have everything needed to conquer hardship and maintain peace through it all.

2 Timothy 1:7 tells us: We have not been given the spirit of fear but of POWER (wisdom, tools, authority in Jesus’ name, the Holy Spirit), LOVE to be able to go about things with joy, energy and with resources to help and love others along the way and to be chill while doing it) and a SOUND MIND (being able to rest, not be riddled with anxiety, to have strength and peace through all things Philippians 4:13)

While the spirit of God indeed offers his guidance to those who choose to accept it, the cautionary part is that we face another spirit…and that is of the ruler of this world…our adversary — Satan. He exists only to “steal, kill and destroy”- John 10:10 so there are things to learn and know about him and his character…to be able to recognize what is false and what is Truth in order to live life victoriously.

The videos will offer: stories, interviews, discussions on spiritual warfare with a focus on understanding and identifying God’s character vs. Satan’s character, how to discern what is truth and what is fallacy, tips for how to navigate these times we are living in, insight as to why what we think and what we say matters as well as a wide variety of topics testing all things against scripture.

So, there it is for those interested…because done is better than perfect right? (I hope)



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