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‘Dinner Tonight’

Yes, It Deserves Its Own Post

For that universal funny odd reason, other people’s creations always taste better than one’s own.

There have been a handful or so meals, made by my two hands, that I thoroughly enjoy.

I can cook a decent Greek dinner, create an appealing charcuterie board and Glory Bowl is fail-proof. Another meal I can now add to my list is Moroccan meatballs with couscous salad, pita and a variety dips including tzatziki, hummus and tahini.

One of my sisters lives in Israel and when they lived here she would always cook the Friday night Jewish Shabbat meal and invite family over. I don’t think we ever declined. The flavours were always amazing. The consistency with textures and temperatures between the cool salads, freshly baked bread and oven roasted chicken was so delicious.

A big thanks to another one of my sisters and her boyfriend, we were able to enjoy beautiful elk meat harvested directly from the land for tonight’s meatballs. There’s just something super special about eating wild game. Not only does it taste darn good, it’s great for you and consuming it provides an opportunity to pause and be intentionally grateful for what we are given in life.

For now, I’ll pass along the recipe I used for the meatballs. I improv’d a bit but more-or-less followed it and the couscous salad I threw together. There are many recipes out there though.

Pita hack…I buy naan bread instead of pita and it makes the best of both style dinners. Using butter, I cover both sides, sprinkle with sea salt and brown in my cast iron. Warning…it’s slightly addicting.

We will soon finish off tonight’s meal with homemade apple/strawberry pie topped with Breyers real-cream vanilla ice cream.

Do you have any winning meals? I’d love to hear about them.



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