“Disciplining Disappointments”

“You Must Learn To Discipline Your Disappointments” -Jim Rohn

“You Must Learn To Discipline Your Disappointments” -Jim Rohn

He’s not a rookie when it comes to upsets or challenge in life but today Braden (our 16-in-2 weeks oldest son) experienced a notable lesson on needing to ‘discipline his disappointment’.

Braden is my calm and steady. He is a strong student in his school studies and he excels in the things he chooses to do. He’s organized, considerate of others and keeps his cool about pretty much everything and in pretty much every situation.

He’s the kid who has wanted to be whatever it is a kid has their heart set on from a very young age. For him, that thing was/is flying and to one day become a commercial pilot for a major airline.

Braden nerds out on anything planes, he always has.

He can look to the sky and if he sees the bottom of the aircraft clearly enough, he can tell you what kind it is. He has an app on his phone that tracks flights and checks on the travel plans of every plane that flies overhead. He could tell you what plane was involved in what major crash and why, he could give you insights on the latest flight-related news, new instrumentation technology coming out and basically anything else you want to know. Curious about the parts of a plane, what they do and even how much they might cost? Braden knows. Sure, he spends time on his phone engaging with his buddies on TikTok or Snapchat but 95% of the time, he’s watching plane videos on YouTube or researching something industry-related.

After a very long anticipated wait to finally start, due to COVID-19 and other factors, Braden was supposed to have his first official flight lesson today.

An honest mix-up, the flight school had him slotted to fly out of their Pitt Meadows school instead of the Kamloops one.

We showed up early ready to go and Braden, with nervous and excited butterflies in his stomach, now had to head home and come back another day. His lesson is re-scheduled for the same time tomorrow.

He had previously had the opportunity to ‘take the wheel’ for a few short minutes when he flew with the COPA For Kids flying experience as well he has had the privilege of enjoying a short flight in a glider as a passenger with his Air Cadets squadron. However, he has never a real lesson.

I completely recognize that this is a VERY first-world issue.

Nonetheless, for a boy who has quite literally waited his entire life for that moment, it was a considerably disappointing moment. Regardless of the situation, emotions are emotions. Today also came freshly after a rejection letter he received last week for a nation wide flying scholarship he applied for and didn’t get…but he keeps pressing on.

When we were told the news, I thought Braden would take it a bit hard but when I looked over at him, he was his usual chill self.

“Meh”, is what his face read.

I was so incredibly proud at that moment that he chose to roll with the punches. He kept the big picture in view and remembered that everything happens for a reason.

Well done son, well done.

He reminded me that when things don’t go as planned or a door closes that we had hoped would stay open, we should stay focused on the big picture of life and keep moving forward with a positive attitude.

Braden definitely disciplined his disappointment today.

We will go back tomorrow at noon for that highly anticipated lesson. So, if you look up in the sky between 12 and 2pm in the afternoon, you will see the plane containing one stoked young pilot living the first step towards his wildest dream.

Go Braden Go!


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