On many occasions my husband Jeff has made statements along these lines in response to some of my purchases; “Get the better one, you’ll regret that”, “Remember last time you cheaped out?”, or “That will just break, buy the higher quality one.”

Having had both no money at times in life and having had more than enough, I’m diligent when it comes to tracking my pennies and apprehensive when it comes to spending money on myself.

It’s funny being a Mom sometimes.

I’ll buy my boys new clothes and special brand name items yet go to the discount store for myself.

It’s a conundrum I face on a regular occasion.

My feelings will get split between getting frustrated having ‘nothing to wear’ and wanting to get a new outfit or actually looking at my full closet knowing I really don’t need anything more. While I’ve made it this far being slightly too cautious about my personal spending, when it comes to purchases that are somewhat important, I still haven’t learned (until last night) that I often get what I pay for.

Last night one of our toilets clogged up. My oldest son said the water was being weird and he was afraid to flush it. I went to the hall closet to grab the plunger. Looking at the black garbage bag I keep it in (because plungers are gross), I remembered I had two options…and they weren’t good ones.

The first time I cheaped out, I had bought a dollar store plunger…I’m sure it goes without saying that you probably know already that was a bust. The second time, I didn’t bother to look or take time to learn (sometimes I can be impatient) that there were multiple kinds of plungers. I bought the sink one.

Carefully unbagging the better of the two, I grabbed sink plunger and went to work. After a few attempts and getting splashed with dirty water and plunger scum, I finally freed whatever was blocking the way.

Here are 3 lessons (one for the 100th time) I learned from the very unsanitary experience:

1.) I really should NOT cheap out on things that matter.

While I can get away with buying a second-hand or discount t-shirt, when it comes to equipment, personal hygiene items, household tools or shoes- I will now buy the quality stuff.

2.) I should clean my toilets more often.

In my defence, the toilet of note was in the boy’s bathroom which also gets multi-use as the designated guest bathroom when we have visitors over. Needless to say in the last while, we haven’t had much company. Though the boys are responsible for cleaning their own bathroom, I usually take care of the throne. Seeing as I hadn’t got around to it for a few extra days, it made the event of last night more adventurous and risky.

3.) There are various kinds of toilet plungers.

I did not know this before last night.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Stay clean friends.

Until tomorrow,