When I was young, I attended a summer camp at Shuswap Lake.

Each year the camp would have special guest speakers or people that came to tell stories and sing songs with us. One particular summer a couple, whom I will never forget, spoke to us during one of the evening bible sessions.

I was introduced to a poem very early on in my childhood. It was one of my Mom’s favourites and for whatever reason it stuck with me. I’ve hung onto the words of that poem from the moment I first heard it. Some of you may have heard of it and I bet for others, you have seen it and didn’t realize what is was. It’s a popular poem that commonly frequents note cards, novelty gift items and calendars.

Footprints also referred to as Footprints In The Sand is the title.

After our nightly campfire while having ‘mug up’, we went into the chapel to sing a few songs before it was time to head to our cabins for the night. The invited couple who came to sing and read with us went by the names of Paul and Margaret Powers.

Little did I know then, and what I realized a few years later, that Margaret (Fishback) Powers was the original author of that beloved poem I held so dearly in my heart.

As I grew up and continued on through life, tough times ensued.

There were times I felt abandoned, hopeless, unloved and wanting to check myself out of this world. I felt lost, sad, angry and confused…confused as to why I was so alone…so lonely. I wondered why, when I had asked Jesus to walk along side me as a six-year-old little girl, did He forget about me at times when I needed him the most?

But, in the middle of those dark moments, I would remember the last few words of the poem;

“My precious child, I love you and will never leave you, never, ever, during your trials and testings. When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

“It was then that I carried you.” …those 6 words.

Not a lot of other words have delivered more truth, more certainty or secured their place in my spirit as those 6 have.

On this Easter Sunday, regardless of the unknowns of the current circumstances I have security, I have peace, contentment, maybe a few extra chocolate pounds and a hope for my future.

Not due to anything I ever did or deserved but simply because I am loved.

Jesus has been a bestie, He has never forsaken me, He’s accepted me unconditionally and He has carried me…even if I didn’t see it or understand what was happening back then.

He will carry you too if you let him…all you gotta do is ask. He’s got this and He’s got your back xoxo

Happy Easter All! He Has Risen-


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