‘Enjoying All The Things’

Short blog again tonight as it’s 21:40 and there are still a few items to finish up around here before bed…including today being hair wash day. I know there are some of you out there who know about the importance of this day ;)

Today we enjoyed all the things.

The boys hung out at home which they liked…not having Mom and Dad around to bug them and all…and Jeff and I had a date the way we like to do things and refined our gold panning skills with a fellow named John who has been in the game a while.

Coming out of today with a tan, some laughs and a nice ‘picker’ (a piece of gold you can pick up with your fingers instead of clarify with a more tedious process), it was a good day.

Last week I picked up a flat peaches I bought off my girlfriend Rachel. She does a peach run each year from her family farm and I feel everyone needs to get in on these delicious, certified organic, hand-picked gems.

I made a batch of pastry last night for pies and the day got away from me so thanks to the boys and their willingness and enthusiasm (actually) to help out, we finally got the peaches into shells tonight and Luke even made a strawberry creation of his own.

Braden is up in the air early tomorrow morning and Luke had a bad crash head-first on his bike yesterday and we are all looking forward to a good rest.

Never taking the good stuff for granted, always living in hope of the future and grateful for each moment,




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