‘Flat & (Finally) Free’

Boobs Begone…Ain’t Ever Going Back


Ya, ya I know. I’ve beaten this boob issue to a pulp.


Having just had mastectomy #2 a few days ago as well as it still being October (aka…Pink Month), to discuss boobs (or the lack thereof) just once more is timely and relevant.

In 2010 when they wanted to remove both breasts, my uterus — and all the other parts including Luke all at once…I was like, “Ok, one body part at a time please”.

Knowing Luke was going to stay until term, keeping those lower parts until after delivery obviously coincided with the choice to remain pregnant. With the left side, tumour and lymph nodes removed, I chose then to also keep the right breast.

Looking back now, would I have gotten them both off at the same time and NOT agreed to reconstruction? You betcha.

But at 29, or whatever age, I (or you) didn’t/don’t know until I/we knew.

29 — I wasn’t ready.

I wasn’t ready to be boobless and flat (rather…scarred, lumpy, indented, discoloured with limited mobility)…especially since I am a woman and I am a woman who lives in a media-loving society that regards ‘perfect tits’ and ‘huge knockers’ as something to covet. A society that I don’t need to explain regarding filters, photoshop, unrealistic ideals etc.

I now know. I am free.

There’s a reason silicone breast implants were banned from 1992 until 2006 after years of people lobbying to have them recalled. There are reasons why there were recalls last year and a black box warning (finally!-not that it does much though if people don’t read it or heed the info) added to the devices. There are reasons hundreds of thousands of people have ‘unexplained illnesses’ but while living with breast implants, chemical fillers and other medical devices.

No intent to instill feelings of fear, shame, guilt or regret. Only compassion, empathy, care, understanding, acceptance yet I champion the truth, champion health and the truth needs to be shared.

Yes, everyone must decide for themselves what is right for them.

Yes, I did try fillers and Botox one time…two and a half years ago…because my face was changing…due to the implants! Now without them for a year and a half, I’ve lost 10 years on my face for sure. Yes, I did have silicone breast implants. And based on my desire to fit the norm, I probably would have gotten them at some point anyway regardless if I ever had breast cancer or not.

But — I still wouldn’t have been told the truth about them.

I still wouldn’t have known how dangerous and life-threatening they really are, how much they HAVE NOT been approved, studied or proven for safety…because simply, they haven’t.

It’s all there.

The studies, the cycles, the history, the cover-ups, the b.s., the lies, the wool, the lawsuits, the big business, the big money, the payouts and the subsidiaries getting away with sweeping stuff under the governmental blanket of protection and collaboration.

But it’s over…for now at least…and I ain’t ever going back.

Pathology awaits in two weeks.

I am flat. I am free. I feel friggin’ fabulous.

With this modified, beautiful, unique, incredible body, I’m ready to get strong again, the training begins soon I hope…after my 4–6 weeks of course.

Psalms 139:14

Ephesians 2:10




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