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‘Friday Chilling’

…And Watching A Flick

We’re clearly not at the cinema like in the pic but we do have a sweet Sony 42" I won 15 years ago that still works like new.

After dinner, we played some cards, a round of Pictionary and before his bedtime between picking up Braden from work, Luke was keen to take in a flick.

As a parent, with the daily shift and ‘career’ changes from morning to afternoon and now the evening stint, there was still a lot to do before bed.

Sometimes, though, stuff can wait. It simply has to.

Picking out the DVD from the oversized binder (yes…we’re happily stuck in the 90’s) and getting into our bed to snuggle, I told him I’d quickly finish this blog while we watched the start of the movie.

Even though it’s not reading or doing something ‘productive’, research shows “co-viewing [T.V. or a movie] is similar to the way many parents treat reading to kids, especially for preschoolers and other young children. It’s a time to cuddle, focus your attention together, and share the experience of seeing and hearing the same thing, just like story time. In a study of parents who applied the techniques of high-quality reading to watching videos, kids scored higher on comprehension and vocabulary measures than kids whose parents didn’t use the techniques.”

His movie choice was Despicable Me 2. Hilarious.

I don’t want to spend too much time away from important snuggling, so this is a short one and happy Friday.


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