‘Her Morning Routine’

Ding Dong Daisy


This pic…she’s partied-out for sure.

This is Daisy until she realizes she’s actually awake…then it’s game on.

We hear of people having ‘morning routines’ but does your dog have one?Daisy does. And it’s next level cute…but also totally annoying.

She sleeps between Jeff and I at night in a donut shape.

Occasionally, she will snap/rabid-bark at our feet when we move in the middle of the night because she’s ultra offended that we are disrupting her beauty rest and thinks WE are taking over HER space on the bed.

In the morning Daisy wakes us up by trying to lick our faces, jumping all over the place putting her butt up-close and way too personal and acting like we had been long lost for years and newly found.

I’ll admit it is nice to feel wanted and that someone is excited to see me…even if it’s completely predicable, slightly gross and often too much to handle in the wee hours of the AM.

After her initial display of excessive excitement, Daisy moves to my bedside table to try and snag one of my ear plugs or flossing sticks to play with (ew).

Then, like clockwork…but to her, out of nowhere…abruptly jumps off the bed and races to the door as if she JUST realized/remembers she pees and poops first thing in the morning…every morning.

After I check her butt and clean it with a wet wipe to ensure no post-movement strips end up painting our bed, she repeats the licking, excitement thing.

When we get up, the first thing she does is goes and says hi to Luke who is often already chatting with his buddies on Minecraft before breakfast. Then, if it’s a school day, we let her in Braden’s room at 7:45 to wake him up and later…like noon…if it’s the weekend. Teenagers.

If we don’t let her in, Daisy knows that at 7:45 it’s time for B to get up and she will sit at his closed door and whine/bark until we open it.

After she makes sure everyone is up and on top of their daily morning duties, she’ll grab some water, beg for someone’s breakfast, bark at random things that aren’t even happening outside and then flop on her little bed in the kitchen area and go back to sleep.

Ding Dong Daisy.

She’s our only ‘daughter/sister’ and we think she’s alright…even when we may not always look forward to involuntarily being a part of her morning routine.




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