‘How Many Is Too Many?’

On my way home from almost-Revelstoke yesterday, I stopped in at DeMille’s Farm Market in Salmon Arm.

Besides the mandatory ice cream cone (summer or winter) from D Dutchmen Dairy, anytime I/we head East those two stops are naturally built into the itinerary.

D Dutchmen makes their own ice cream and it’s super rich and creamy. They also have unique flavours. Lately their scoops have gotten chintzy yet still…it’s tasty enough to buck up for the treat.

Sometimes we stop at the Burner Grille Restaurant in Malakwa. If the cook and style hasn’t changed in a while, I highly recommed this place. It’s one of those hidden gems and everything on the menu is made from scratch. The food is incredible.

De Mille’s Farm Market has all sorts of odds and ends as far as consumables go. From fresh fruit pies and coffee to farm-fresh produce and locally-made hot sauce, you’d be pressed to NOT find what you need (and don’t need!).

We like Kurt’s sausages from there, particularly the maple cranberry bratwurst. They are about $15 bucks a 4 pack so they aren’t something we super stock up on, however, we thoroughly enjoy each bite. When I stopped there last night, I picked up a pack.

When setting the table for dinner tonight, Braden commented on and questioned our need for a plethora of mustard, “Why do we have all of these? Can’t you just have one or two kinds max?”

Uh, no Bray…we can’t.

Anyone else who gets this knows that you can’t have too many types of mustard in the fridge. Hot, sweet, dijon, honey, dill, Bavarian-style, regular and the list goes on. We are currently on the low side of selections actually.

Similar to the stock of hot sauce and types of pickles, our fridge is very much contrived of condiments.

The five kinds of mustard in the photo are staple must-haves in our home for cooking, baking and straight up eating. Rarely are we without these few.

What sauces enjoy a permanent place in your fridge?




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Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

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