‘Informing — In Kind’

Mask Vigilantes

Slight rant blog tonight.

Ok, so we’re all doing more-or-less the same things during this ‘Rona time. We need to adhere to basically the same guidelines, wear masks inside, not cough on others (like who does that anyway?,) etc. etc.

What I don’t understand is just because it’s the law to wear a mask right now, some people, even if they aren’t necessarily having a bad day, act as though they own the world and tear strips off people for making honest mistakes.


There’s always a way to be a decent human when talking to people and…shockingly…give them the benefit of the doubt that they legitimately forgot or didn’t realize x, y or z.

There are other examples out there…and the list could be long.

Road rage, for example, is shunned because it’s not a nice thing to do and we, especially as adults, usually (and could more often) give people the benefit of the doubt about their driving skills.

When Margaret cuts me off (which could be caused by distracted driving which is unlawful and I could yell at her for it and report her) because she is elderly, tired, possibly can’t see over the steering wheel very well and probably didn’t even realize that it happened — it wouldn’t be kind of me to follow her home and give her a piece of my mind.

I was born with the will and freedom to choose and I have the capacity and choice to be a jerk…or not.

Now, I’m not referring to the people who don’t wear masks and are super rude or combative with employees who are only trying to do their jobs by following the mandatory indoor practices as outlined by the business.

I’m talking about the random guy who, not even giving it a moment, drops the F-bomb and meanly demands why another patron of a store isn’t wearing a mask or wearing it properly as soon as they step food in the store. Really dude?

Or the Mom getting groceries who is with her young child and people (not actually reading or knowing Bon Bon’s guidelines choosing to ‘not remember’ that youth 12 and under don’t have to wear them) decide to tell her what is up. Get serious.

In these types of situations, there is never a nice suggestion, there is no trying to understand that it may be an honest mind-blank and there is no keeping their mouth shut because perhaps he or she is medically exempt.

This type of awful scenario is increasingly pervasive and not cool.

I’m usually quiet with stuff like this and these days, I’m trying to walk wiser yet speak in truth and support those who are on the mean end of the stick.

I’m going to continue to speak up when warranted…when it’s time…for those who don’t have a voice or don’t think they can use it.

The kind of poor behaviour that I outlined has been ramping up lately in all places with all types of people. It doesn’t make the world go ‘round and it’s the last thing anyone needs.

Try to be a kinder human being…as much as it depends on you.

Mask vigilante rant over.





Helping people connect-the-dots by showing them where to find answers for life. The Bible - it's all in there.

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Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Helping people connect-the-dots by showing them where to find answers for life. The Bible - it's all in there.

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