‘ISO Canadian Teen Outerwear’

While the photo here is a stock pic, don’t let the shorts-scene fool you.

It could very well be a photo of every Canadian teenager in winter (or an Edmontonian at Costco at the beginning of February…seen lots).

At (almost) all costs, Braden doesn’t feel the need to wear a jacket to school…though he does have a few. Dropping him off at the round-a-bout, it’s clear that the other students forego winter-wear designed for the conditions and opt for the truly ‘Canadian’ version instead.

I’m not sure I ever remember wearing a proper coat for the weather, though, when I was in my teens and that trend has clearly prevailed over the decades.

Walking to or home from school, a lot further than our kids do/did, distance was not a good enough reason to dress appropriately. I distinctly recall it being around -15C or so outside and walking home from volleyball practice with my jersey and kneepads still on…and jacket…in hand.

The unintentional Canadian tuxedo that’s often seen on the bunny hill over Spring break along with the all-season shorts/Sorel combo are identifying fashion hallmarks we can be proud of. And living in Sherwood Park, Alberta, we bore witness to many unconventional yet oddly practical winter outfits.

I’m not sure at what temperature Braden will don a coat this season as that day is yet to come. In his defence, however, it has been a mild one though on today’s weather alerts, we are apparently soon to experience a ‘bone-chilling polar vortex’.

Whatever the case and whatever a polar vortex is, I hope the rad name in itself is a reason he may choose to wearing something other than a hoodie when outdoors.

At the end of the day, not my frost bite — not my problem. ;)




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Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

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