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‘It Does The Trick’

Scissors And Other Things In The Kitchen

Since early high school, I often use a pen or pencil to put my hair up and when it comes to the kitchen, some friends know me by my habit of not using the correct utensil for the job.

Often I cut veggies on a plate even though we have multiple cutting boards, I use a fork instead of a whisk and paper towels instead of napkins.

If it’s close by and easy to grab, why not use it?-IMO

Scissors, ski goggles, elastics, round glass glasses and a smooth jar — these have all been used in my kitchen for cooking or baking in one way or another.

Scissors are amazing for chives/green onions, cilantro and even lettuce. They are a definite must for frozen spinach if you’re cutting it up for spinach dip or something.

Ski goggles are a good call when processing onions. Any kind of gloves are a bonus for keeping your skin normal when grating beets or turmeric and they are for sure a must when handling hot peppers.

Elastics can have an endless purpose in the kitchen.f A small drinking glass is the best for cutting buttermilk biscuits into perfect baking rounds and a smooth jar can crush nuts or replace a rolling pin if you’re in a pinch.

Tonight as I was pulling apart the simmering pulled pork in the slow-cooker, I grew a little impatient so I grabbed scissors and got to work. While some of it may have been ‘cut’ instead of ‘pulled’…it tasted just fine.

A dish scrubbie cleans veggies, abandoned lids make good give-away baking trays and a dish cloth is still always my go-to oven mitt.

The burns on my hands/arms make a solid argument as to why I should use the proper heat pads I have in the cupboard but I always forget…it’s not as convenient.

Do you have any kitchen hacks or tools you figured out can be used in an alternate way? What are your favs?


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