It’s A Banana Or Carrot Sticks Mkaay?

“Mom! I need a snack!” “Mom! What’s for lunch?” “Mom! I’m hungry!”

In these days of isolation and physical distancing, online conference calls, ZOOM meetings and Facebook group video chats are the daily norm for work and extended family interactions.

These are the days when it’s business up top and pj’s on the bottom and wearing underwear for two partial days in a row is completely reasonable…if that wasn’t already a thing.

Even though my line of work typically includes spending a fair amount of time on my butt in front of a screen and on my phone, I am actually being productive (I’m fairly sure), much to the 3 individuals’ in my home often misunderstanding.

Today my gf posted a funny meme on Facebook that said:

“Mum is in a meeting- 9:30–11. DO NOT ENTER. The answer to your question might be here- upstairs, in the wash, I don’t know what’s for dinner, no, in your bedroom, piece of fruit.”

We are blessed to live in a clean, newer, safe, warm, nice home. We do our best with what our space allows, however, there are times I dream of having a big office with a door and an entirely separate area in which to get things done.

Until the time when that dream office comes true, if that is ever in my foreseeable future, I will continue to improvise. But the creative skills I cultivated in grade 10 Drama only go so far when your maternal moniker rings loudly throughout your modest living space…especially when food is part of the asking equation. So as every beloved mother does, I usually answer, “have a banana and there’s carrots sticks in the fridge.”…much to their continued disappointment.

As a Mother and wife who has spent a LOT of time at home juggling either a job, business or school work…and sometimes 2 or all 3 of these at the same time…I give a big high-five to all you other ladies crushing life as we know it.

Another girlfriend of mine once said, “Yep, I just throw a handful of granola bars at my kids and they’re good”.

These days, we have to add in the expectation of giving them some sort of education, a (as best we can) healthy level of physical activity and we may perhaps toss in a smoothie for added vitamins since outside time for many is limited. Voila, we now can definitely claim the Wonder Woman title if we hadn’t already before.

As I head on yet another ZOOM meeting here at 6pm, I give all of you gals out there a giant kudos on rocking your business and life from home.

-And just remember kids, the answer is always going to be a banana or carrot sticks.


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