Just Do What Russell Says…

I have this mentor and his name is Russell Brunson. He mentors me on business stuff and I have learned so much from what he offers.

The thing is, I have never actually met him. Sounds kinda weird doesn’t it?

It sounds strange until you realize that you don’t have to personally know someone to learn from them, view them as a mentor or grow in the tidbits of knowledge they are willing to share with you.

Anyway, Russell recently challenged me to blog everyday for 365 days. At first that seemed like a massive undertaking as I have been a life-long perfectionist much to my own overwhelm.

But then I remembered one of his favourite sayings: “Done is better than perfect”.

Say what?!! These 5 simple words have completely transformed my mindset for more applications than just blogging and writing.

You know how they say you can know something and hear it many times but then it gets framed a different way…and then BAM! It hits you and you just suddenly ‘get it’?!

Well, “Done is better than perfect” was that for me.

I used to blog once-a-week for a creative outlet and hobby. I would share some of my life stories and put detailed and careful thought into each one of them. That was great and all BUT I would end up ridiculously stressed out over every single little word, I would find myself getting snappy with my kids and husband due to being ‘behind’ in my writing and I lost a lot of sleep!

In business, and especially when starting out in business, there are so many people, things and commitments that play tug-of-war with our schedules, our priorities and our health.

When you are tempted to become overwhelmed and feel like you are drowning in the quicksand of to-do’s and deadlines, take the advice above and just do what Russell says.


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