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Being In A Business Relationship…With Social Media

It’s simple and easy to achieve really, just do these few things:

Post daily, post 3 times a day, post every other day, make sure to post different things, add good music, be creative, be engaging, don’t post too much, tag people, but don’t tag and spam people, make sure to always have a story posted…best to have a few a day, use filters but be authentic, make your pages ‘flow’ well aesthetically, plan your content in advance, understand that each platform works differently, know the algorithms for them all, make sure you don’t just post business stuff…show a good balance of ‘life’ photos too so you look interesting, follow people but not too many or unfollow so you look like you have lots of followers (and I refuse to do this because it’s the worst), always stay on top of responding and engaging with your followers…like and share their stuff too, post lots but then delete a lot of them so it looks better, make sure that you’re getting your business out there on every channel you can…be sure to join Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, gotta get on TikTok, have an interesting YouTube channel and do each and every single thing mentioned above…on all of them.

Ah, navigating social media…especially for business.

No biggie, right?

There are good reasons most companies outsource this extremely time-consuming, often emotionally laboursome, and mentally draining extremely-essential-in-2021 duty.

As outlines, time spent on social median can — for example — be a time-drain that you can never get back, posts can never entirely be deleted and time on social media can cause brain disorders…especially in youth. See the full article here:

I personally have tried to rid myself of it at times but the fact of life is I gotta ‘play the game’.

I enjoy seeing other people’s ‘wins’ and the online networks can be a space for people to reach out when they are in need, promote their businesses and come together for good causes.

There are many positives to social media that I like; seeing photos, staying connected, supporting others etc.

Truthfully though, the ‘required’ time and energy for business interactions on social media can be a challenge.

But videos are kinda fun so TikTok has been cool to learn and I love the fact you can choose any kind of music you want. Since our lives are out in the great wide world to get a hold of anyway, Instagram and Facebook are ideal places to see memories, keep pics in a backup ‘storage’ and chat with friends.

It’s actually completely impossible to run two businesses, maintain one’s own brain, emotional (real) social and physical health, maintain the home and all the other hats that come with being a wife, mother, human, and have some sort of ‘balance’ (whatever that means) and enjoyment of overall life.

Still getting the hang of all the things and trying to keep up with the social media business life for two businesses, the bottom line is…it will be what it will be.

Nonetheless, we will keep plugging away with this social media business stuff…giving our best!


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