“Market Research”


“Luke and I are in the stages of doing more market research and getting more feedback for our potential apparel brand.

The biggest question a business owner must ask themselves is: “Who is your IC?”

… Also phrased as, “ Who is your Ideal Client?”, “Who are you marketing to?”, “Who is your target market?”,”Who is your Ideal Client Avatar?” or “Who is your Ideal Customer?”

A popular author-unknown phrase in business and marketing is, “If you market to everyone, you market to no one.” And if you ask those who have been down that unclear road, they will tell you that the best way to fail quickly is not knowing who will be buying your stuff.

As previously mentioned, this passion project was birthed from four specific things; Luke’s love of art, his love for trendy fashion, his heart of mercy towards others and his intense enthusiasm for all things sports cars.

Well, who is our IC?

Our Ideal Client is a 9 year-old boy who likes comfy, stylish clothes. He likes being able to move freely and really doesn’t like ever wearing the thicker-feeling sweatpants, t-shirts and hoodies that are usually available in stores. While he does like the athletic polyester type of shirt, it’s not an everyday wear that he chooses but rather puts one on when he is feeling sporty. When he and his Mom do find something that he likes, it’s usually sold out, there is only one variation of it or it’s not available in his size.

This boy also has car posters all over his room. He can name the makes, models, parts, years of most things automotive…especially of exotics and supercars.

He spends time looking online at the latest fashions and designers labels and watches Youtube videos of wealthy kids with Louis Vuitton-wrapped Lamborghinis giving away cool stuff to their followers.

Having experienced a few ‘big’ years of life, this boy is compassionate and empathetic towards the struggles of others. He deeply admires the philanthropic character and financial ability the ‘YouTubers’ have to be able to give cool stuff to kids who don’t have much or who are sick.

Lastly, he is extremely right-brained, quick and witty. He loves art and creates amazing pieces with his own added touch to them.

Since this 9 year-old clearly doesn’t have the means or the decision making power to spend whatever he wants on his clothing, his Mom obviously is conscious that he doesn’t go online shopping on the Supreme website without her approval.

He is now interested in dressing himself which means Mom can’t get away with too many hand-me-downs anymore. His Mom appreciates unique and somewhat fashionable quality items that don’t go weird or get ruined on the first wash. She would like to buy/support more localish businesses and a bonus would be that they give back to something, like helping sick kids. As they had been given opportunities to be helped in the past, she knows how much it has meant to them and how incredibly memorable and special the events were.

So, basically Luke…and Luke’s Mom (me)… are our Ideal Client Avatars.

For those who think to themselves, “Wait! By being so specific, I’ll miss out on opportunity!”, or “I feel like I’m leaving people out by being so specific” or anything along those lines… be assured that if you cater to everyone, you will attract the wrong people. You’ll do a disservice to the people who really need you, you’ll put in a lot of effort (like I have done in the past!) and won’t reap to the extent of what you sow.

When doing market research, make sure to know exactly who your Ideal Client is…the rest will flow from there.




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