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‘Marshmallow ‘Gum’

…And Other Odd Ways We Ate Stuff.

Besides being used for Rice Krispies squares, s’mores and confetti squares, at least in my day, marshmallows made decent gum.

With two fingers, I’d squish, pull, twist and it mash together. Yes, a marshmallow and us kids would turn them into ‘gum’.

By the time the white fluffy mass was made into the consistency we had hoped for, it became more of a brown colour…and not because we toasted it or anything. Nope, we didn’t care how dirty our hands were. With the time we put in, our gross creation was worth so it.

Cheddar cheese and sliced pickles on white bread with mayo. That was my favourite sandwich of all time and I ate it often in my school lunch.

Saturday morning was for watching Inspector Gadget before anyone else woke up. I wasn’t allowed to wake anyone up at 6am so I’d head to the fridge and grab two Kraft Singles and a few pieces off the top of the bologna stack and wait until 7am when the coloured lines disappeared and daily programming commenced.

Taking a fruit roll up, we’d wrap it around our index finger and slowly consume it that way until it disintegrated. Looking back, kinda ew.

Sometimes for my school lunch I got a bag of Mr.Noodles to eat dry. If it were hot dog day, even though the dogs were a warm, sweaty, tinfoil-suffocated soggy mess, everyone was stoked on them finished off with a Yogi stick of course.

Baking in my Easy-Bake Oven was one of my favourite pastimes along with making ice cream in a manual ice cream maker at my friend Aurel’s house.

Apparently Orbitz left the market in less than a year from its launch date due to poor sales. That’s weird though because I’m certain everyone I knew drank them. Regardless, the Clearly Food & Beverage Company still pumps out the amazing and favourite Clearly Canadian water sparklers. Mountain Blackberry was and is my top fav.

I’m sure there are more and those are the few that pop into my mind first. Any odd eats you loved and remember?

***Completely off topic but 80’s related…does anyone else remember the show Kissyfur? I feel like I’m the only one…?***


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