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‘Mom Dates’

From Walks In The Park To Shopping At Costco

My girlfriend is one of them…and it’s perfect.

About once per month, she and I meet at the warehouse air door entrance , buggies in hand and begin our hour-long shop and chat.

Not only do we cherish our visit, it’s a win-win because we can split the cost and quantity of certain Costco items that we want to test out (or if it’s just too much for our household needs at the time).

Mutually beneficial, we also get feedback about products and help each other carry the over-sized boxes of ice cream bars to our respected vehicles.

I don’t think Mom friends ever need much of an excuse to get together and chat. These days, however, we need to be more creative and intentional with when and how we are ‘getting together’ for a visit.

Costco is a good one, so is the mall. Taking a walk outside in the sunshine, coffee or tea in hand, even if it’s super freezing, is also an option. Getting in a few runs at Sun Peaks works, as does meeting for a few tube rides at Harper or hitting up Stake Lake for a snowshoe or XC.

What have you been up to in that regard?

It’s 11:30 pm and I just finished putting the rest of my groceries away. Earlier, I dozed off while tucking Luke into bed and my eyes were burning out of my head from working on the computer too much today.

So, now it’s actually time for bed — sweet dreams,


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