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‘More Near-Beers’

New Non-Alcoholic Brews To Try

Endless flavours of fruit spritzers, kombucha fizzies and craft rootbeer are available on most store shelves.

6 years ago, as far as near-beers go, the selection used to be pretty much only Molson Excel, O’Doul’s, (un) Becks and a few other main-streamy ones.

An ice cold Becks in a bottle is alright but I’m not a huge fan of brew in a can so the options were slim back then.

Nowadays, the choices/imported selection of non-alcoholic beer are as follows:

  • Clausthauler (classic and dry-hopped)
  • Partake
  • Gruvi
  • ‘Street Legal’ Red Racer IPA & Pilsner
  • Asahi
  • Warsteiner
  • Peroni

Though there are more…one of my most favourites?

…the peachy, light and refreshing Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc…yes, available now sans alcohol. They were a fav when I did the booze and it's cool the company got on the sober train. Sweet.

Kicking the booze was a great decision personally and I don’t really miss much.

Truthfully, I’d say a Bulldog may be the only thing that is non-replicable and that I really enjoyed. But the benefits of how I feel, knowing my body and mind thank me and knowing I operate as a better-for-me-Jeff-and-the-boys human are good enough reasons for me to still keep it at bay.

If you’re doing a dry January or even thinking ahead to sober-October…I highly recommend keeping these gooders in mind.

Oh…and there’s always herbal tea for a night cap. That’s a win all day long.


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