“My Day Will Always Go Well If I do This One Thing”

Mornings are my favourite.

My brain functions clearly, I have the most energy, I love watching the sun rise and I enjoy the calm and quiet of the earliest part of the day.

I make sure the kids’ vitamins are laid out, lunches are made (when school is in), that dinner is planned and the day is somewhat organized.

Each morning like clockwork, our Morkie Daisy greets me excitedly as if I were gone for 4 months. I check my email, my platforms and ensure my work tasks are teed up and ready to go.

On an empty stomach, while the coffee is brewing or the tea is steeping, I throw back some organic apple cider vinegar with a bit of organic honey in water. Luke is usually awake too and we have a morning snuggle before he heads to read, play with the dog or join his buddies on a video game.

Some days turn out to be navigated with ease, things go smoothly, attitudes are positive, meetings go well and I feel productive. Other days are challenging, have fuller or tighter schedules, feel long and seem as though I accomplish zero of the things I had set out to do.

Regardless of the climate of the day or how the events unfold following the first hour of my morning, if I do this one thing…I can have a great day. Aside from whether the day is predictable and amazing or goes completely sideways and theoretically turns out terribly, if I have prioritized the time to start my day with God, the day is good.

Before my emails, before any work, before the vitamin allocation, before the coffee, there is just something special about spending those first few moments of time being thankful for what I have, being ready and willing to be used for good things and reading my Bible. That first part of the day when I spend time with Jesus enables me to handle anything. My day is always be peaceful and goes well if I choose to put God first.

I’ve learned there’s no right or wrong way to of spending time with God and each day looks a bit different (psst…there’s also no right or wrong way to pray ;) Sometimes I read one scripture, sometimes I read a few chapters and others days, an entire book. I’ll often listen to praise and worship music or take in a Joyce Meyer talk.

Whether you are a Bible person or not, there is great wisdom in that book for all things from business, to general life, to relationships and self-development.

If you need a new read or are curious about what it may be able to offer you, I suggest starting in the Psalms and then checking out the New Testament.

You’ll at least get the full rundown of the Easter story as we head into this long weekend!

Reach out and let me know if you learn something knew :)


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