‘New Year’s Must-Haves’

This Year Will Look…No Different

Jeff and I had a small party quite a few years ago and another shaker when we were lived at Sun Peaks almost 15 years ago…other than that, we aren’t overly big on doing much for New Year’s Eve.

Being that Luke is usually an early-to-bed guy and the fact that Jeff has been out of town on many of those holidays, in previous years — we haven’t put a ton of effort into doing anything special.

A key component has always been the food.

I know I’ve talked about appetizers a lot but recently Braden said he liked spinach dip.

As a Mom who constantly is asking her kids what they will actually eat or want to eat, I embrace any and all suggestions or statements of food preferences.

With this year being what it was…which was oddly a great year for our family of 4…I’m going to hit up the dollar store for decorations, sparklers and those annoying blow horns or whatever, make a lot of appies, chill the special sparkling apple juice in the champagne bottle for the boys and we are going to ‘party’.

On the menu: B wants his spinach dip, Jeff likes the Best Of Bridge Shrimp Cocktail Spread, Luke is solid with classic chicken fingers and I’ll make myself wings or Jalepeno Poppers.

Maybe we’ll go sledding, maybe we’ll go for an evening walk, maybe we’ll watch a movie and play some games — But we’ll definitely be eating good food.

Grateful for each day and each year…even 2020~! ;)


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