No Such Thing As A ‘New Normal’

How are you adjusting to the new normal? Are you documenting your new normal? Check out the new normal for x, y and z….

These are the questions I have been getting asked and the headlines I have been seeing everywhere these days.

While the first entry of Merriam Websters dictionary states the definition for ‘normal’ as, “conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern”, there is not and has never been anything standard or regular about life, period...with or without COVID-19.

Speaking from personal experience, the only constant I have ever known is change, so I don’t buy in to the terms ‘normal’ or ‘new normal’ for anything regarding the happenings and existence surrounding human life.

I get it. I understand what the words are intended to convey but each one of us, at the core of our very DNA, is far from normal. I also refuse to accept the idea that each one of us are supposed to just hang out, get through our time here and that’s it.

I believe we are created with unique and incredible gifts, qualities and character traits that are supposed to be used on purpose and for a purpose.

What’s your take on ‘normal’?

Do you go about life just waiting for the weekend or day to be over? And what are you waiting for if the next day is going to be the same and feel meh? Do you conform to the norms and do exactly what you’re supposed to, in the right order, with the right people not wanting to disrupt anything or anybody around you? Do you have passions and hobbies that you wanted to do when you were little but have forgotten about them or forced them aside?

Do you know that we have the choice whether to be happy or miserable…and be joyful through ALL circumstances? Yes, ALL. Do you also you know that you were created for something totally amazing…and that even at this time of global shift, you have a purpose to fulfill?

It may not feel or seem like it at the moment. You are probably faced with health-related uncertainties, financial worries and maybe even the sobering fear of having no food. And that feels scary.

But as you navigate this time of change, remember that there is no normal. It simply doesn’t exist.

You are not normal.

No…you were, “fearfully and wonderfully made” (-Psalm 139:14 NIV) “in the image of God” (-Gen 1:27NIV) and, “you were created to do amazing things!” -(Eph 2:10).

Yes, you are all those things and more…and normal you are not.

My hope is that as you go to bed tonight, you hold those truths a little tighter in your heart and have a little more peace in your soul.

Much love,


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