Last night I poured myself a cup of tea. I was looking forward to that moment all day. It was an organic ‘Smooth Move’…and to all you Moms out there who feel me on this, I know you can appreciate that preferred selection of beverage.

When I sat down to my first sip, a sobering certainty slapped me in the face - I was getting older.

Since rolling into my 39th year this past February, there have been many things that have surfaced as indications to the inevitable reality of aging.

But you know? As I reflected back a few years, I figured the reminder wasn’t a bad thing after all. A decade ago, my tea would have been a beer or glass of wine (or like, 6).

To be perfectly clear, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with having a nightcap. However, when you get to the point where you are juggling a job, a business, a marriage, motherhood and yourself and you need 4–6 drinks in an evening just to cope or fall asleep, taking a closer look at that habit is probably a good thing to do.

Aside from the health implications alcohol inflicts on a woman’s body, with respect to hormones and all that stuff, it certainly doesn’t contribute any positive emotional donations either.

With the previously mentioned truths considered, combined with regrettably tarnished relationships as a result of former ill choices, 5 years ago I made the choice to quit drinking. Ladies, it was the best decision of my life.

There isn’t a day that goes by when I’m not grateful for more energy, more peace, clearer skin, more money in the bank, a manageable waist line, mornings without a headache, not having to recap embarassing drunk texts, and being able to energetically go about my day no longer paranoid that I’m out and about smelling like stale hangover breath.

My biggest win though is that my boys have a Mom who is present in their lives.

Whether you are a leader in an organization or own your own business, it’s important to show up to life closest to a healthy 100% and with as much excitement for life as humanly possible. It’s a privilege to serve others both in our offices and in our homes and we have the responsibility to do it well.

Does it mean embracing whatever ‘perfect’ is? Not at all. Do I mess things up on the daily, hourly? YEP! But, can I tell you by paying attention to that tapping on the shoulder and acting on it, I promise you’ll begin to thrive in all areas of your life.

You got this. It’s worth it. It’s not easy but it’s simple.

Until next time…don’t grow up too fast, don’t take life too seriously, don’t forget you’re amazing and don’t double bag your cup of Smooth Move.


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