I was raised a privileged doctor’s kid and was lucky to have a decent-sized house, a lot of cool stuff and I got to go on a lot of cool trips. I loved fashion and was obsessed with the luxury sports cars I would see every time our family travelled to big cities. I loved fancy brands and expensive clothes.

I had always dreamed about living in a mansion. This fanasty abode had a tropical pool, a hidden playroom, an indoor slide and a commercial frozen yogurt machine like the ones at YogenFruz. My favourite movie back then was Richie Rich, so that pretty much sums up where my focus and priorities were.

My mostly carefree early childhood years were shaken on May 11, 1992.

I was 11 years old, when Nancy, the one who adopted me- my Mom, and the only person I have ever given that title to- passed away suddenly from a massive brain aneurism on Mother’s Day at the dinner table while out celebrating her special day.

That twist in my fairy tale was the catalyst to what unfolded over the 27 years following that day until last year, 2019.

Those subsequent virtually 3 decades were filled with eating disorders, non-existent self-esteem, drugs, drinking, promiscuous behaviour, depression, thoughts of suicide, anxiety, panic attacks, homelessness, caring for my birth parent for 15 years and burying them both within 6 months of each other, cancer, surgery and chemo at age 29…while pregnant, more surgeries, working full time, an unsuccessful law-school attempt, numerous attempted and failed businesses, open-heart surgery for our youngest son, 17 moves, near bankruptcy and a marriage that was mutually terrible for 14 out of our 15 years together (we just started liking each other last year and it’s amazing…better late than never right?)

Why do I share these things?

Well, I’m not sure if it was because I was in foster care as a baby and then adopted at age 2 and something happened in that time or that when growing up, each year our family sang Christmas carols to and gave the inmates at our local prison cigarettes and gingerbread cookies on Christmas Eve.

But, for as long as I can remember, even as little girl, the word philanthropy stuck in my mind.

Even though I had some rough years, I had always held in my heart a desire to give back in a big way and help others, particularly other women working hard at the grind day in and day out.

So, what I decided to do with those decades of experiences, learning curves, failures and victories was to help other women on their entrepreneurial journey to have more time, make more money, conserve more energy and have more peace.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

Before 2019, I had no clue what exact ‘vehicle’ it would be that would actually get me to that place, but I have always had the unshakeable conviction that somehow, in some way, it would happen.

I now know the way and I will use it to help other women.


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