It’s late so this is one super short…but-‘Done is better than perfect!’ right??

Early this morning we got word that the ski hill we had planned to go to this week had ceased all operations so we had to cancel the ski trip we had planned. My youngest started tearing up…again. He was disappointed.

Last week we had to cancel our plans to Vancouver for next weekend that we had scheduled since before Christmas and we also were bummed out that a once-in-a-lifetime-type concert in May was postponed.

Through the lens of of my 8 year-old, I could empathize with his reaction of upset. It was too bad we wouldn’t be able to do those trips and activities.

Did it adjust our schedules we had expectations for? Yes. Were we on the phone for hours trying to figure our cancellation policies? Yes. Was is unfortunate that we could not longer go on those nice get-aways? Yes.

Was the situation unbearable and frustrating and did if affect my level of peace? No… And here’s why-

As we listened to the live-streaming of our church service online and enjoyed from-scratch pancakes together, we were reminded of the things we have to be thankful for.

With the sun beaming into the living room, it was easy to think of the good life we have. We have food in the fridge, clean water in the taps, a safe and secure bed to rest in at night, we have each other, the ability and capacity to share with others, we have our creative aspirations and endless Youtube videos of Kevin Heart.

This week may have shifted a little in our expectations of what it was originally was supposed to look like, but we chose to see the opportunities and blessings amidst the opposition…and yes, we enjoyed our pancakes with some praise!


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