‘Pass The Honey’

Honey is: “ A sweet viscid material elaborated out of the nectar of flowers in the honey sac of various bees.” — merriam-webster.com

It is known mostly for its benefit to add a touch of sweet to herbal tea, as a topper along with peanut butter on morning toast or in cooking sauces, for example.

Though similar in taste, not all honey is created equal.

It comes in an array of flavours, types (based on the plant source) and honey can be processed by various harvesting methods etc. which produce degrees of potency that is used for therapeutic purposes.

For example; the No Name honey ($5 or so bucks at Superstore) in the photo is what I use for putting in sauces. I have one recipe that calls for a decent amount of the liquid goodness and to use a high-quality Manuka honey for that would not make sense. In a perfect world I would use organic everything but for the amount the recipe takes and how often I actually make it or other items that are similar, it seems like a waste to use expensive stuff.

The organic NATURONEY ($9.99 at Costco) on the left is our everyday household staple. Organic is key as we use this sweetener (along with organic pure maple syrup) for almost everything we want to add sweetness to. I do have white sugar, brown sugar, golden sugar, icing sugar and palm sugar in the house for other purposes when needed but since our bodies react differently to honey and maple syrup (and palm sugar too), I use these more readily.

The middle and smallest container packs the biggest punch. This particular Manuka honey ($50 or so bucks at Nature’s Fare) is only eaten by the single teaspoon straight from the jar, is kept in the fridge and is priced markedly higher…but for good reason.

The one we have isn’t even the highest rated type…really high-grade Manuka honey can get upwards of $119.00 for a small 250g container.

Besides tasting yummy, here are a few other benefits of the amazing nectar…particularly high-grade Maunka honey…from those little, powerful, useful and needed creatures:

(a reminder that honey is not suitable for children under 2 years of age)

  • The active ingredient methylglyoxal is known for its antibacterial effects and has a long history of aiding with wound healing when applied topically. In fact, in 2007 manuka honey was approved by the FDA as an option for wound treatment.
  • Seemingly paradoxical, it actually helps with tooth decay.

“Studies have shown manuka honey attacks harmful oral bacteria associated with plaque formation, gum inflammation and tooth decay. Specifically, research has shown that manuka honey with a high antibacterial activity is effective at inhibiting the growth of harmful oral bacteria like P. gingivalis and A. actinomycetemcomitans.”-healthline.com

  • It’s fairly common knowledge that lemon and honey go well together to soothe a sore throat and with ‘cold and flu season’ coming up (rolls eyes), make sure to have these two items on hand…along with some herbal tea or chlorine-free hot water.
  • Can be helpful for multiple gastrointestinal issues.
  • Can be used for various skin conditions…research these independently.
  • It’s known for increasing melatonin production thus aids with deeper sleep and issues with insomnia.

“Manuka honey helps to promote restful deep sleep by slowly releases the glycogen needed for essential bodily functions during sleep. Adding honey to milk at bedtime helps the body release melatonin into the brain, which is necessary for deep sleep.”-phillyvoice.com

  • May be used for treating Cystic Fibrosis symptoms
  • “Additionally, Manuka honey has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. In fact, it has traditionally been used for wound healing, soothing sore throats, preventing tooth decay and improving digestive issues.”-healthline.com

Sweet dreams ;),




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Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'


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