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‘Perspective Happens’

Well That Didn’t Go As Planned…

Everyday we have choices.

Especially when things don’t go as we planned or have hoped for, we can allow ourselves to get bummed out, angry, envious of others or go into a drawn out period of self-pity mode.

“BCAA roadside assistance, how may I help you?” the lady said.

“Hi”, I answered, “Well, I was driving fine then stopped for some water at a gas station and now my car won’t turn over.”

We chatted for a bit longer and then she set me up with service text updates. I got out to stretch my legs and hit the washroom before the tow-truck came.

The morning before yesterday I woke up excited to set out on my little adventure into the woods for a few days by myself. At the core of my being, I thrive on those little joys like driving a new road, heading into the unknown and being in nature.

Leaving Kamloops that day, I received a message from my friend with the fishing resort that she had fallen ill and she was no longer able to have me to visit. Though I was a tad bummed, things always work out how they are supposed to. We have been trying for a couple of years to visit but there is always next time and most importantly, I hope she feels better soon.

Life IS change. Period.

I’ve learned to embrace change when those types of things happen…and even get excited or wonder what God has in store next. I wonder ‘why’ and look for the next adventure…the next page in my ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ story.

I had planned to visit my niece in 150 Mile on Thursday night anyway and figured I would still go enjoy some time with her and see her house I still hadn’t seen since her and her hubby bought it a couple of years ago.

On my way up to my niece’s house, I stopped and had a visit with my cousin Annie (in pic) whom I chat with regularly yet hadn’t actually met in person! It was so great to finally get together.

After I departed from there with a hug and two hands fulled of canned salmon, I continued up the highway to my niece’s house.

Her and I had a nice hike, dinner and chat, and in true ‘us’ fashion, we both were in bed at about 9pm. I had decided by that evening that I would head home the next day and enjoy a ‘staycation’ instead.

Instead of heading straight back to Kamloops though, I decided as I pulled out of her driveway to head toward Bella Coola and check out the landscape. I hadn’t been that way before (or at least don’t remember) so I went for a cruise.

Turning around and getting gas near Alexis Creek, I then stopped at the Willam’s Lake Husky station for some water. That’s when ‘Cynth’ wouldn’t start. She was a goner. Nothing. No noise, no lights, no nothing. I knew it was more than just the battery and that she would need surgery.

Cynthia got towed to Canadian tire with just over an hour of shop time to spare. Surprisingly they had room to get me in right away (or made room as I found out at the end), had all the parts needed and Cynth was fixed and out of there at 4:57pm…3 minutes before closing.

I was super grateful for how everything turned out and that I wasn’t stranded somewhere with no cell service. Ed the tow truck guy was helpful and kind and the Canadian Tire shop manager and Nick the mechanic sure helped a gal out yesterday.

On my way home, I spotted a rainbow and the sun on the horizon was stunning. Obviously stopping for a picture, I was reminded of being able to choose my attitude…in any circumstance.

I could have allowed myself to get pissed off that my trip was cut short and didn’t go as planned, I could’ve been mad that I had to spend a few hundred dollars I didn’t want to spend and I could have let a crap attitude alter my perspective.

…But I would’ve missed the beauty of the drive home and probably not gotten any joy from singing along to Garth Brooks Greatest Hits and Mariah Carey’s Christmas album (ya — that’s right).

Now I’m going to do some work, dehydrate more elderberries, go for a hike and watch a movie. I have only one blog to catch up on so that will get worked on later too.

Happy Saturday,


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