Pleasure Or Pain?

I’ve been on a few calls over the last week or so and (I suppose, rightly so) people were asking questions such as;

“How can I still run my business right now?”, “But I sell (x, y, z), there’s no way anyone will want to buy that right now”, “No one is spending money right now”, “I think I’ll wait to get my business going until this is all over,” “I have always wanted to start a business, I guess that’s never going to happen.”

Do any of these ring true for you?

Well, if you have these concerns and are feeling a bit defeated during this time of uncertainty, here’s some information and tips that you just might want to take to heart:

1- The world has indeed shifted. It’s not returning to what it was.

2- People are still spending money…there have already been businesses that have seen enormous growth within the last 2 weeks. They are just in different sectors than what was previously deemed popular.

3- Find people doing what you want to do and model them.

4- Keep going, don’t quit on yourself.

5- Sell what is already selling.

6- We are in the biggest time of wealth transfer…ever.

7- The biggest tech companies started during recessions.

8- Many of the long-standing names we know in business started during the Great Depression.

9- Listen to your groups of people and what they want.

10- This is your chance to be the best you can be at something; take a course, learn a new skill, do what you have always dreamed of, learn to serve others well.

11- Understand that people buy to either fill a void (towards pleasure) or to fix something in their lives (avoid pain).

That said…change your marketing strategy, not your product.

Overall, serve others the best you can, provide the most value and never give up.

Sending encouraging and healthy vibes to all today,


-Blue Barn Marketing



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