Pork & Pasta Save The Week’

MIL’s And Spaghetti Dinners Win

Food gifts top my list of best things in life ever. ever.

I value them — a lot.

The thought, the usefulness, the time-saved, the mental energy salvaged, the sheer magnitude of how much any food gift helps the mental/physical/emotional load of mothers today is beyond describable.

Though I really don’t need to explain this unhealthy societal creation, do I?

Anyway, yesterday was one of THOSE days. Frustrating, lots of layers, loud conversations, too many strings pulling from too many directions etc.

The other week, one of my closest gf’s brought me lots of eggs and other good stuff for my birthday and they have lasted a long time.

A couple of days ago my Mother-In-Law had asked if she could make and bring us a meal…Um, yep!

Picking yesterday then, not knowing it would be quite the day at the time of that decision, having a hot meal the boys enjoy that I didn’t have to plan or think of was the most helpful thing ever.

I’m also grateful for my neighbour Ash as we are, like, the Housewives Of The Shore.

For tonight I had planned a spaghetti dinner — because that meal always saves the day with it’s (fairly) nutritionally balanced, filling and approved-by-all qualifications — but of course I forgot to check if we had…pasta sauce.

Firing a quick text, I then promptly headed across the street I went. Ash always has multiple options of everything and her house might as well be my single egg, bottle of sauce, 1/2 cup of milk personal grocery store.

I needed those moments of help and encouragement this week and how timely they were.

‘Acts Of Service’ clearly tops my Love Language list.

What do you value most of those?