‘Practice Makes…Progress’

Keep Trying, Keep Adjusting, Keep Going

When we lived in Sherwood Park a few years ago, there was a large group of people (clearly pre-COVID) who met weekly for ‘November Project’.

November Project™ is “ a FREE fitness movement that was born in Boston as a way to stay in shape during cold New England months. Now present in multiple cities around the world, the movement is using a simple sense of accountability (verbal) to motivate and encourage people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels to get out of their beds and get moving.

Our members vary from Olympic medalists, professional athletes, marathoners, triathletes, current and former collegiate athletes all the way to complete fitness rookies and recent couch potatoes just looking to kickstart their healthy life choices. If you think that you’re not fit enough to join the group, stop thinking and come see what the fuss is all about.” -november-project.com

These people would meet once or twice a week at various spots/stairs outside in Edmonton or at Commonwealth Stadium (which is still outdoors) to run stairs and kick their own butts in the physical exercise department.

6am…rain, snow, frost or shine, it went on. Edmonton gets to minus 30 degrees Celsius in the winter and yep…still no cancellations.

As noted, all walks of life and ability were invited to join. There were Olympians, marathon runners and people just starting out on their journey to health.

The point is…no matter what level they were at, everyone who showed up got better, faster and gained more endurance each time they showed up. Through the inclement Alberta weather (they hosted events in Winnipeg too..EW), they all pressed on.

Like any goal in life, the more we practice the better we get and the more we learn. Perfection doesn’t exist and I loathe the term ‘practice makes perfect’. Any day of the week there will always be someone out there better than you, who will know more than you or will be smarter than you.

Who cares.

The ones who succeed at this game are the ones who refuse to quit on themselves. They are the ones who know that progress (NOT perfection) is the secret to winning life. The ones who experience joy are the ones who maintain consistency in any circumstance when the goal is worthwhile. The ones who get to have peace while riding this crazy train are the ones who know when to press on and when to let go.

Whatever it is you’re up to…keep trying. Something isn’t working?…accept or evaluate it and then adjust. Keep going.

Always keep going (with some breaks in between if needed) but keep putting one foot forward a baby step at a time.




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