‘Scrub A Dub’

The fav dishcloth and those special moments

This blog tonight will be really short. I’’ve already made my popcorn with Spike on it and I want to start watching a movie so…

My hands just finished wiping down my kitchen from little dots of juice from today. Making sure to de-stem each and every little berry (and there are many) is messy, takes hours, give the hands a workout and it totally worth it.

Not knowing what I was going to write on until about 2 minutes ago, as I was cleaning I acknowledged how much I like my dishcloth.

Usually I’ll cheap-out and grab dollar store ones that fall apart quickly and though I have always appreciated the hand-knitted ones at other people’s homes, I never remembered to grab them from the craft fairs (when we could have such things) and didn’t know anyone who made them.

I was thrift store shopping at a few places last week. At the SPCA North Shore and saw a big box of rolled up knitted things sitting near the till.

They were $0.25 a piece. I unrolled one.

They were a huge load of knitted (and brand new) dishcloths that had been donated by someone very sweet to have proceeds go toward the cause.

I grabbed a few and checked out. Along with my new dishcloths, I scored a $5.00 like-new Japanese-made cast iron pan and two pairs of expensive sunglasses that were priced at $1.00 each.

That was a win thrift stop for sure.

My point is, I’d been putting off buying one of those dishcloths for a long time and all of a sudden there they were…a lot of them…at a great price ( I almost felt bad paying that amount).

I love how things work out like that. I call it favour some call it the Universe or whatever.

Either way, when those little surprises fall in your life, it’s always a special moment to stop and appreciate the ‘coincidence’.