‘Snail Mail’

There’s Something In A Letter

Online shopping and ‘snail mail’ (regular post).

Besides the endorphin rush shopping and buying stuff offers, I think online shopping is popular because it helps people enjoy that feeling of getting ‘snail mail’ in times when it doesn’t happen very often anymore.

Even if they may have paid a lot for it and they know it’s coming, it’s still exciting to see a package at the front door and envelopes in the mailbox that aren’t bills, bank statements or flyers for carpet cleaning…to be (or pretend to be) thought of or given a gift that isn’t sent digitally.

Over the years, receiving anything more than a notice from CRA or the city utility department has become rare.

And who doesn’t like getting a note, a letter, a post card, a real paper photograph or mailed invitation?

Ya, stamps and shipping costs continue to go up yet the payoff means much more than the value of the stamp.

There used to be ‘pen pals’ in elementary school, chain letters — but not sure of those as I never did one, writing a thank you letter to grandma, the annual Christmas catch-up-with-the-family letter and so on.

Even though I admittedly took for granted some of the letters I would gather, deep down I always appreciated every word of every one.

In a world of ever-increasing and wrever-changing use of email and electronic communications, I think I will start sending out post cards.

You may only get a picture of Riverside Park and there may not be a gift attached to it…just plain ‘ol snail mail with your name and address on it but it will be yours to read and enjoy.


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