‘Socks Or No Socks?’

I personally wouldn’t pose with hot tea between my feet but each to their own. Since this stock photo is one of the few that worked with this blog, I’m going with it.

Wearing socks to bed hasn’t always been my thing.

Over the years, I went from rocking full onesies to a birthday suit and now my nightly bedtime get-up is an old t-shirt of Jeff’s or a oversize clearance nighty from Superstore, boxers and dollar store fuzzy socks.

There’s been an ongoing debate between Jeff and I about those who wear socks to bed and those who let the piggies run free under the sheets.

He thinks it’s the worst thing ever to even wear underwear to bed let alone socks too. It’s too restrictive, too hot and too uncomfortable he says.

Wearing an outfit is cozy, comforting and helps me not get too cold or too hot. Options.

I suppose it might be similar in reasoning to a weighted blanked. Though I haven’t tried one before, a heavy duvet is utilized during summer and winter months because the heaviness helps me sleep. Same goes for being wrapped in clothes then I guess. Perhaps it’s like a night-long hug.

After being a bedtime sock-wearer for a while, I came across a Tim Ferris sleep hygiene tips list that said “Ferriss recommends using socks to tweak how you feel until you find a temperature that is right for your body.” If you know anything about Mr. Ferriss, he’s always participating in some kind of personal or external experiment about how best to hack life so if he said it, then I must be onto something. His content is interesting and helpful. I recommend checking it out.

As I put on my pink, blue and white striped fuzzy socks from Dollarama and get ready for bed, ‘To sock or not to sock for bed’ is the question…




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Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'


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