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“Something Else…& Proud Of It”

Most people who use Facebook have probably seen the newly and virally famous CNN voter’s category screenshot that reads ‘SOMETHING ELSE” on the second to last bottom line.

An interaction I read in regards to someone’s post of the pic was:

“Just a minute here….there is no clear identification on this at all…and it looks like jumping to conclusion that suits you.”-online person to person who is an Indigenous-rights ally.

To which there was a quick and on-point response that read:

“I would agree with you if Native Americans held a category.”


— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

There is so much back and forth about acceptance, who did what, when, how, where and at what point will all this history just be learned from and go away to the past where it belongs so we can all move forward with peace and equality.

But — there’s a fundamental problem with the above.

If something is happening today…like as we speak and stuff…it isn’t and can’t possibly be ‘history’.

The Oxford online defines ‘history’ as: “The study of PAST events, particularly in human affairs.” (emphasis mine ;)

I mean, if we’re talking about yesterday or the other minute, I guess the argument stands. But usually ‘history’ means just a tad bit further back-right?If the balance is still out of whack because of the things happening currently, things are simply not #samesies.

Yes, the last residential school closed a loooonnnggg time ago (rolls eyes)…in 1996 (Ugh) and yes, Indigenous People of Canada were allowed to vote…as humans in 1960. You could even buy a ‘nice little Indian’ for $10 bucks not too many decades back.

Not just these NOT so far-back historical events are crucial to acknowledge, there are injustices of severe levels of imbalance that occur

Joyce. Benjamin. Barbara…and too many more to count.

The argument that Indigenous People are equal, get lots of money from the government, get free education, free houses to live in, don’t have to pay taxes, and get endless handouts from the government etc. needs to still be corrected.

The fact that so many communities don’t even have reasonably clean or safe drinking water…in CANADA…is beyond me. The fact that the Ministry and their continued dealings/apprehensions of children continues to this day in certain ways it often does is mind-boggling. And you know what? They/we don’t get free school, a free house and tons of handouts. I’m not sure where these people get their information from other than from the obvious place of assumption but proper education on the matter would be beneficial.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Recently, I’ve been diving deep into practicing my graphicky skills and learning more about a few particular online programs that involve product design etc.

For the creation of Luke’s/my website and store, these new-to-me toolsets have come with a very steep learning curve but we’re having fun learning.

For the super complicated ‘paper-to-pixel’ items, we have a guy but I’ve enjoyed honing this new craft and it’s fun to see Luke’s ideas, concepts and colours come to life.

One thing that has been uh…interesting, is that besides being ‘Something Else’ last week to the entirety of the world, one is hard-pressed to find any reasonably substantial representation of Native Americans/Indigenous Peoples in main stream anything.

Still don’t believe there is an imbalance? Still think it’s just made up and we are over-emotional about all this?…That we overreact all the time, take up issue with everything and just want to cause problems?

Just because someone changes a few words to the Oath Of Allegiance means we’re all good here?

That’s a neat Band-Aid.

People often speak about minorities and while the conversation and efforts are there for the most part for the majority of other groups, we don’t even get to have the title ‘minority’.

We quite literally still don’t even exist on many platforms.


For example (and there are lots!) as I mentioned, I have been working on digital design stuff lately.

Did you know, there are ZERO…I’ll repeat…ZERO apparel mockups representing Native Americans/Indigenous People of Canada.

ZERO — That’s a problem.

Check it out in the pic (and that’s only one platform obvi…but all others are #samesies.)

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We literally don’t exist.

I won’t say “it’s time for change”…because that one’s been played.

I’m calling out these businesses and writing to them. Daily I see comments on group platforms asking for more selection and options of the ones listed and that’s great, it’s important and needed.

But what about the NDN’s…the ones who…don’t exist?


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